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Regional interdependence may require a Physical Therapy Diagnosis

All physical therapists need to jump on this concept and get comfortable with treating 'the whole patient'.

The February Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy has this article...

Regional Interdependence: A Musculoskeletal Examination
Model Whose Time Has Come

This is a quote from the article...

'A best-practice model for managing patients with musculoskeletal complaints has yet to be identified.'

I disagree. The model exists but it has yet to be well-known. I have discussed the model extensively in this blog and further information is available at

Further the authors go on to say the following...

"For example, do you routinely examine the hip region for impairments in patients you are treating for complaints of low back pain or knee pain? Likewise, are you examining the lumbar spine for impairments in patients with primary hip and knee complaints?"

As I noted in my last post, routine Physical Therapy Diagnosis will require many physical therapists to change long held, 'old school' practice patterns that allowed physical therapists to treat under a physician referral while abdicating decision-making authority to protocols, models or back to the physician.

Then, when we want that authority back, we find that others (chiropractors) have already taken the authority or that we never earned the authority.

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