Rabu, 23 April 2008

PT Manager Let Me Join the Conversation

I get a lot of information, questions and cues from the PT Manager 'list-serve' at Yahoo Groups.

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Watching and reading this list was part of my inspiration to take my proprietary Medicare compliance plan to market.

First, I did the following...

  • published the plan on my website at www.SimpleScore.com
  • started this blog
  • began doing seminars
  • wrote a 'how-to' workbook that demonstrates how we create 'bulletproof' notes and charts at Medical Arts Rehabilitation, Inc.

The Yahoo Groups list serve covers a wide variety of topics, not all pertaining Physical Therapy Diagnosis or to Medicare compliance.

What is clear from reading the list is how many physical therapists are hungry for more information and less uncertainty.

Bottom line, most of us PT's didn't go to school to become doctors or Medicare experts.

We just want to treat our patients.

If you want to join the conversation then go sign up to and check out the PT Manager list serve at Yahoo Groups.

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