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Why Do Physical Therapists Need to Track Florida's 2012 Legislative Bills?

I think it was Mark Twain who said:

"We should never watch laws or sausage being made, for if we did we would lose our appetite for both"

Yet I'm now going to suggest to you that you sign up for the Bill Tracker features on the Florida Senate and the Florida House websites.

These features will give you a blow-by-blow stream of e-mail messages on the progress or barriers to the 2012 Florida Physical Therapy Association's legislative bills.

Senate Bill 1128 by Senator Montford and House Bill 799 by Rep. Goodson will enact Temporary Licensure for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants by making changes to the physical therapist practice act (FS 486).

So, why should you want to watch our legislation being made (hopefully) into a new law for the State of Florida?

Here are some suggested reasons to sign up for Bill Tracker:
  • You will stay current with the FPTA bill's progress or setbacks.
  • You will receive periodic updates
  • You will be able to mobilize your local Key Contacts should the bill get stuck in committee.
  • You will know at a moments notice if your presence is needed in Tallahassee for testimony before committee.

Here is a short video (1:41) showing the set-up process of the Florida Senate website

Its free. Its easy.

I just hope you don't lose your appetite for the legislative process.

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