Kamis, 17 Juli 2008

Measurements Equals Value for Medicare

Medicare wants measurable data for a compliant physical therapy chart?


Here's a new way to measure the strength of the external rotator of the shoulder using the common goniometer.

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This measure is easy, quick and reliable (reliability data not published).

It works better than Manual Muscle Testing.

I use this measurement every day in my clinic to document the treat ment of Medicare shoulder impingement patients.

The measurements lend themselves to long term goal setting for the physical therapy chart.

I measure shoulder dysfunction in patients that some physicians don't recognize.

The measurements are accurate enough to gauge the progress of the patient.

This technique will segue to a home exercise program in a heartbeat.

I can diagnose shoulder joint stiffness.

I can diagnose shoulder muscle (ER) weakness.

You can, too.

See more simple measurement techniques at www.simplescore.com

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