Senin, 14 Juli 2008

New Physical Therapy Paradigm

There is a new game in town.

Physical therapists may have to hit the hit the books again to learn the new disability paradigm...

APTA Endorses World Health Organization International Classification of Function Model

In school (I graduated in 1992 from the University of Florida), we learned about impairments in range-of-motion and strength.

We learned about disability and how physical therapists can help people.

We learned that physical therapists link impairments to disability via the physical therapy diagnosis.

Now, the link is the same.

Physical therapists still do the same thing.

The names have changed.

The new ICF model uses new terms.

The terms are important because words direct thinking.

Words are powerful. Words are labels.

Words like Disablement = Participation.

Words like Functional Limitation = Activities.

Words like Impairment = Body Structure and Function.

The American Physical Therapy Association has gotten behind the new paradigm.

Soon, educational programs will get on board.

Then, your students and new graduate physical therapists will arrive...

...talking the new language of Participation, Activities, Body Structure and Function.

Then Medicare will get on board.

Then, you will have to get the new paradigm.

Get it now. Get the new paradigm. Because it's good for your patients.

Because it can help your clinical decision-making.

Learn how you can work this new paradigm into your clinical practice.

Get Bulletproof Physical Therapy Charts and Notes.

Get it.

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