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The Functional Classification of Neck Pain

Orthopedic physical therapists need to read this clinical practice guideline from the September 2008 issue of JOSPT.

In addition to using the International Classification of Functioning as the basis for clinical physical therapy decision-making the authors describe, in one place, many of the the tests and measures used to assess cervical impairments.

Especially useful is Table 4 which links subjective and evaluation data to interventions used during treatment.

Not only is Table 4 useful for clinical decision-making but could also be used to support 2 of the 3 criteria for Bulletproof Physical Therapy Charts and Notes

  1. Medical Necessity for Physical Therapy
  2. Skilled Physical Therapy (decision-making)

Written measurements of impairments are 'evidence' for a staff physical therapist to argue their case in the event of an unfavorable Medicare audit.

I recommend using high-quality, evidence-based guidelines such as this one to support not only excellent clinical decisions but also to support your Medicare compliance program.

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