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United States physical therapists not alone in health care crisis

Physicians, and possibly physical therapists judging from the 'sports medicine' reference, in Canada are innovating their way out of another Medicare mess.

Private businessmen in Canada have opened several private-pay clinics in Calgary that treat patients with services that Medicare does not provide.

"The new Calgary clinic, the company's second location, will offer an "elite program" of medical care for its members, including a full health assessment and a preventative health plan."
The clinics are opposed by the Friends of Medicare, a pro-consumer organization that calls the expensive, private arrangements 'queue jumping'.

A queue is a line that refers to the way Canadians (and British) ration their health care services.

Canada rations health care according to age. Older folks go to the back of the 'queue' while younger folks with jobs get treated first.

The United States rations health care by wealth.

Wealthier people get treated first. In some areas of the United States Medicare is the best and fastest third-party payer which means that younger people with jobs are frequently treated last.

Arguments against this answer to Canadian Medicare?

"It sucks," said Noreen Branagh. "I can't afford the $4,000, and there are no family doctors in Calgary."
Arguments for this answer to Canadian Medicare?
"Primary care is in a crisis. At least I've gotten up and done something about it." says Don Copeman, the Vancouver businessman who founded the clinic.

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