Kamis, 04 Desember 2008

Medicare RAC nightmare

I woke last night, sweating and afraid.

I felt my heartbeat pounding in my chest.

I had a nightmare.

I think I cried out because my wife woke, mumbled something and reached out to pat my leg.

In my nightmare, Medicare Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) were in my PT clinic threatening hefty fines and jail time.

Paper lay in piles all over my office. Charts were open and strewn about on desks.

Copy machines hummed and glowing lights illuminated stern-faced auditors with green eyeshades.

"You're in a lot of trouble Mr. Richardson, did you know that?"

Of course, it was just a nightmare.

I wasn't actually being audited by Medicare RACs.

Some private practice physical therapists may share my anxiety.

For us, the threat of a RAC audit looms large as the expected February 2009 nationwide RAC roll-out approaches.

So what, in the bright light of day, are the known risks of a physical therapist RAC audit?

Here are some of the resources I have compiled to help physical therapists understand RACs.

Hint: It's not all bad.


Medical Necessity

Who gets caught?

Advance Beneficiary Notice

Patient Case

RAC expansion schedule

RAC Fact Sheet

OIG Work Plan

Bulletproof Physical Therapy Notes and Charts

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