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Should we privatize the PQRI program?

Here's a business model you should try: Government!

They want to monopolize health care but they have trouble introducing new products that people want.

Example: PQRI.

I just sat in on the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) in 2009: 2.0% Bonus Payment for Physical Therapy audio conference from the American Physical therapy Association (APTA).

You can buy the DVD of the seminar here.

Some past history

For 2007 only 16% of eligible professionals participated in Medicare's voluntary program with only one-half of those participants earning a bonus payment (56,722 providers).

Wow, if my results were that bad I'd be out of business!

Anyone ready to privatize the PQRI program?

Some future predictions

Here are some possible future uses of the data from PQRI:

– Contracting

– Tiering of providers ("I'm good, you're bad")

– Payment differentials ("I make more, you make less)"

– Network participation ("More dough based on who you know")

Should you participate in PQRI?

Full disclosure: I have yet to make a dime from PQRI and I've been doing this since July 2007.

But, I'm going to keep on.


Because 'Quality Measure Reporting' will soon be mandatory and if you don't participate you may see a 2% discount on your reimbursements.

Certain aspects of Medicare claims administration are already privatized: Recovery Audit Contractors are one successful example that still gives me sleepless nights.

Should government privatize the PQRI program?

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