Senin, 30 Maret 2009

Physical therapy in the Hollywood spotlight

Let's see if the 'bright lights' shine favorably on physical therapy.

Queen Latifah is signing on to play in a Hollywood movie about a physical therapist falling in love.

Queen Latifah has played some authoritative roles: Matron "Mama" Morton in 'Chicago' and Charlene Morton in 'Bringing Down the House'.

She seems likely to bring a strong voice to the role of a physical therapist helping to rehabilitate a basketball player.

The fact that the basketball player is her patient raises some concerns.

Let's hope the 'Cinderella tale' is a serious affair, and not a Tinseltown romp, where Queen Latifah's character considers carefully her professional responsibilities and legal liabilities when involving herself romantically with a patient.

Can we trust Hollywood?


What do you think?

Probably, physical therapists could organize a letter writing campaign to the producers of the new Queen Latifah movie (set to begin in May 2009) that would raise the issue of physical therapists professional responsibility.

Let's shine a bright light of our own in making this movie.

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