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Physical Therapy Diagnosis Redefined

In updating my Facebook page I've rewritten the mission statement for the Physical Therapy Diagnosis blog.

As my knowledge and commitment to my physical therapy patients and practice deepen and broaden through years of study so has my understanding of this blog: it's purpose and it's power to educate and inform go both ways.

Many thanks to those of you who have chosen to respond and comment to my posts - your voices have enlightened me.

Many thanks also to the readers (500 strong each week) who choose to read only - your surfing helps this blog rank well in physical therapy web searches.

Physical Therapy Diagnosis Redefined

Physical Therapy Diagnosis blog is a forum that speaks to the difficulty in doctor-level decision-making for physical therapists.

By 2020, the APTA Vision Statement calls for all physical therapists to be educated at the level of the doctor of physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Diagnosis blog does not assume that today's practicing physical therapists are making daily decisions of sufficient complexity and riskiness to qualify physical therapists for the title of doctor.

Therefore, the format, quality and tone of the content on this blog will be aimed at improving daily decision-making among physical therapists.

Together, let's help physical therapists improve the quality of their decision-making and assume the title of doctor.
Recently, I have been told that I do not have the credentials (eg: DPT,PhD, etc) to undertake such a mission.

That may be so. Please, say so in the comments if you like.

I have also been told that my content is valuable, spot-on and relevant in today's ever-changing health care market.

If you like the content please sign up for the free Bulletproof tutorial below.

If not, thanks for reading.

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