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POPTs Leader Predicts Massive Sell-Off under Health Care Reform

The Senate Finance Committee, on Tuesday October 13th, just voted 14-9 to move the fifth and final version of healthcare reform out of committee and back to the Senate for merger with more generous versions of health reform legislation passed earlier this year.

The latest measure passed with a party line vote (Democrats outnumber Republicans 13-9 on the committee) - with Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) siding with Democrats.

In Bradenton, Florida former Physician Owned Physical Therapy (POPT) clinic leader Jim Needham, CEO (MBA) predicts ominous tidings for his former employers as a result of this legislation.

Some of Jim's key points:

Why there is "Momentum Against Physician Ownership in Ancillaries (Physical Therapy)"

  1. "Significant trend data showing increased payment to physicians in relationship to physician ownership growth"

  2. "Generally they get reimbursement rates based on their contracts which are greater than independent PTs can get"

  3. Jim predicts a 33% chance that POPTs will be ruled illegal within three years
I don't want to spoil Jim's presentation but suffice to say that much of this information is rather volatile - most POPT physicians may not even be aware of the transparency and compliance implications that Healthcare Reform will bring to their practices!

We've "mashed-up" Jim's presentation with an existing seminar on November 7th or November 21st and we're hoping the two topics are complementary:

"Classification Decision Making for Medical Necessity and Skilled Physical Therapy"

with Special Guest former POPTs CEO

Jim Needham

"Competing With POPTs under Health Care Reform"

Jim will go into greater detail during his presentation in Palmetto on November 7t and 21st and you can sign up now at

The online option lets you pay with PayPal.

You can also call 941.729.1800 to register over the phone.

Finally, you can print the webpage at and mail in your application along with your check - don't wait because the Early Bird Discount expires 5-days before each course.

What will health care reform bring for American physical therapists in private practice (PTPP)?

Hard to say.

Some aspects are obviously positive, such as greater transparency in physician self-referral. Other aspects may not be so positive - such as a failure to reform the physician fee schedule and the (un)Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR).

For greater insight and success in 2010 come and see Jim's presentation.

What are your thoughts?

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