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Docs won't be able to own physical therapy, says Jim.

Jim Needham, CEO and Healthcare consultantPhysician Owned Physical Therapy (POPT) clinics may be on the way out in 2010 says Jim Needham, CEO.

Jim will present his seminar...

"Competing Against POPTs under Health Care Reform" Palmetto, Florida on November 7th and 21st.
Jim Needman is a healthcare consultant and former POPTs CEO so he should know what he is talking about.

Jim's main premise is that physician practices will be unable to comply with new requirements in owning physical therapy clinics.

So you know a little bit more about Jim, here are some of his credits.
  • Managed over 800 physicians across the United States
  • Managed PT within several physician practices
  • Most recently was the CEO of a 17 Orthopaedic and Pain Management practice
  • 3 PT sites representing 20 therapists and assistants
  • Worked for private practices and practice management corporations
  • Closely monitoring ObamaCare and its effect on reimbursement and ancillary services ownership by physicians (includes; PT, MRI, ASCs, and others)
Jim says there is a 33% POPTs will be ruled illegal within three years - he bases his prediction on 'increased transparency and compliance requirements' large and small POPTs will have to meet under rules passed October 1, 2008.

The seminar is one hour - from 9am to 10am to be held in Palmetto, Florida at Medical Arts Rehabilitation, Inc. physical therapy clinic.

Immediately following Jim's presentation Belinda Holmes, CPA from Kerkering/Barberio will present
"Medicare Defense Strategy for Recovery Audit Contractors"
Some of Belinda's talk will include:
  • RACs: What are they and how to avoid them
  • OIG 2010 Work Plan
  • Real life accounts of physical therapy audits
  • The new focus on medical necessity
Finally, Tim Richardson will present four hours of Florida CEUs on
"Classification Decision Making for Medical Necessity and Skilled Physical Therapy"
Dates: Saturday November 7th OR Saturday November 21st

ConEd units: Four (4) hours CEUs from Florida FPTA.

  • $175 Early Bird discount (5 days prior to your selected date)
  • $200 after the deadline or on-site registration.
Come to the seminar prepared to do the following:
  • discover the role of POPTs in 2010
  • lern how to protect yourself from RACs
  • learn treatment based classification (TBC)
  • practice new hands-on skills training
  • apply evidence based techniques to physical therapy patient care
  • improve your decision making
  • make a physical therapy diagnosis
Call 941.729.1800 to ask for a course brochure or sign up by phone.

Credit cards, checks and cash accepted.

You can also sign up on-line at and pay with PayPal.

If you want to succeed in private practice in 2010 you don't want to miss this seminar!

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