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Medicare Experts Recommend Physical Therapists Get a Comparative Billing Report

We've just completed the Classification Seminar with Special Guests Jim Needham, former CEO of a local physician owned physical therapy (POPTs) clinic and Belinda Holmes, healthcare auditor for accounting firm Kerkering Barberio on Saturday, November 7th.

Our audience of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants was very interested in Jim's talk:

"Competing with POPTs under Healthcare Reform"
We will have Jim's audio and PowerPoint available very soon. Also, Jim is being interviewed by Jeff Worrell on PT Talker this Friday the 13th.

Belinda had many good recommendations for physical therapists in private practice (PTPP) to build a Medicare compliance program in her talk:
"Medicare Defense Strategy: The RAC Attack"
The #1 question asked by our audience members after the seminar was on one topic raised by Belinda.

Belinda recommended that private practice owners get themselves a Comparative Billing Report from your local Medicare carrier - here in Florida your Medicare Part B carrier is First Coast Service Options.

You need to write a letter on your letterhead and request a specific six-month time frame for specific providers identified by National Provider Identifier (NPI) number.

Sorry, this option is not available for those providers billing as groups or 'incident to' the physician services (POPTs).

Here is the contact info for the Florida Medicare Part B carrier.

Statistical and Medical Data Analysis (phone: 904-791-8006)

First Coast Service Options
Statistical and Medical Data Analysis
P.O. Box 44288
Jacksonville, FL 32231-4288

There is no fee for providing these reports.

New seminar scheduled

Send in your application now for our next scheduled Classification Seminar on November 21st. You can apply here.

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