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Can PTs make BETTER decisions than physicians?

This International Classification on Functioning (ICF) video describes the unifying framework between the physician and the physical therapy frameworks by Gerold Stucki, MD at the University of Sydney in July 2009.

The link to the video can be found within the World Confederation on Physical Therapy (WCF) December newsletter.
ICF Framework imageLeaders in rehabilitation research aim to unify the Medical model (eg: pathology) with the Biopsychosocial model (eg: functioning).

The ICF is to be the unifying framework that provides a 'common understanding and dictionary of functioning'.

Imagine a physician asking you for the physical therapy diagnosis for a particular patient.

How would you respond?

What treatment recommendations would you make?

On what would you base your decisions?

What measurements justify your decisions?

Can you make decisions better than physicians?

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