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Physical Therapists Meet at the Beach

Special thanks to Blaire Burton, DPT for organizing the Florida West Central District spring meeting, Saturday, March 27th at America's #1 beach!

America's #1 beach

The meeting agenda promoted the update to the Florida Physical Therapy Practice Act (FS 486) during the 2010 legislative session.

The update is designed to do the following:

Some of the outstanding moments at the meeting were the following:

  • A lucid and pointed rationale from Adele Carr, PT for why keeping statutory language affirming 'Physical Therapy Aides' in the practice act is a dangerous move for the profession.

  • An even-handed narrative from Sheila Nicholson, PT, JD, FPTA President on how and why the practice act is being updated.

  • Many, many passionate examples of members who care about their profession speaking up, voicing their ideas and trying to get involved.

  • At least two private practice owners I spoke to telling me how ALL their marketing is now Direct-to-Consumer, instead of the physician.

  • A lively fund-raising appeal for the FPTA Political Action Committee (PAC) that garnered several hundred dollars - we need to do more in this area since chiropractors and doctors still beat physical therapists 10-to-1 in donations.

    This year, our goal is $75,000 - about double last year's donations - and you can help us make it. Remember, patients can also be donors to the FPTA PAC - they want to help preserve their access to physical therapy, too!
These web links contain important, timely information for Florida physical therapists:

Florida PT PAC

The new, proposed PT practice act has been filed with the legislature: SB 2146.

Follow, in real-time, the process of SB 2146 as it makes its way through the legislative process.

What do YOU want to see in YOUR practice act?

Now's the time to speak up.

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