Kamis, 30 September 2010

"All In" for Physical Therapy!

Armin Lodges, PT has created the Florida Physical Therapists in Private Practice (FLPTPP) group to organize and collaborate for physical therapists' future in Florida.

Armin has scheduled a meeting at his clinic in Tampa on November 3rd to discuss strategy.

Armin has created these two "Prezi Slideshows" to get out the message. All interested Florida PTs should contact Armin at armin@restoretherapies.com or call 1.888.675.4331

Small practice therapists are at the mercy of large insurance companies and large hospitals and the recent healthcare reforms have further skewed the environment towards large, "vertically integrated" providers.

Let's all join Armin and fight for our livelihoods and for what we believe to be a better vision of healthcare for Americans.

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