Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Aimee Mullins Breaks her Physical Therapists' Theraband

Aimee Mullins "hates" her physical therapy sessions until her doctor empowers her to see herself as "able" to break the yellow, red and green Theraband elastic tubing she uses to strengthen her bilateral below-knee amputations.

Aimee describes her childhood physical therapy sessions at TEDMED 2009:

Aimee makes me ask myself if I have always enabled my patients or have I assumed, as Aimee says society assumed about her as she grew up, that people without lower limbs are defined by their bodies.

Have I expected less of my patients because of what I know about their physical, emotional and, often invisible, limitations?

Or, like Aimee's empowering doctor, have I encouraged my patients to break their Therabands?

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