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What Can Healthcare Learn from Airlines 81% error rate?

Healthcare providers, administrators and policymakers can take heart from the airlines lessons learned...

Front page news in USA Today February 25th is the jump in all airports' error rate reported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from 2007 to 2010.

Error rate is defined as military, private planes and commercial planes that got too close together in mid-flight or on the runway.

Don't cancel your flight reservations yet, however. You wont have to pack the kids into the minivan for the annual summer trip to the beach.

The skies are not getting less safe...

This jump is the result of better reporting and increased transparency in airline safety, says the FAA.
"Just being open and getting these reports out is the best way to move forward," says Steven Hansen, safety chairman for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association union.

"We're not going to know what to fix unless we know what it is.
We need the information reported."
Healthcare policymakers have been trying to build safety into the health system since the 2001 Crossing the Quality Chasm identified that 98,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical errors.

The following news report credits a separate reporting system, an anonymous NASA database, for identifying the recent increase. The NASA database gets more reports than the FAA database because NASA reporting is "no fault".

Further, improvements in technology and a "systems approach" to airline crashes and safety errors allows policy makers to focus on procedural causes, rather than human error. Some ways the airlines have made flying safer:

  • no fault reporting of perceived or suspected errors
  • computer algorithms that spot low-frequency events, like near misses
  • changes in performance measurement of air traffic controllers

Watch this 3 minute news report or leave a comment - how can we make your physical therapy clinic safer?

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