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What I Learned at Graham Sessions 2.0 - St. Augustine

"We're plankton in the healthcare sea..."

"We pursue celibacy policies..."

"I don't like the term splinter group!"

"Physical therapists are risk averse..."

"What happens at Graham Sessions, stays at Graham Sessions!"

The last statement, I am sure will be OK to say, came from our moderator Steve Anderson, PT. Steve was one of the originators of the event, designed to be a...

"...safe environment for discussing new ideas, asking questions to better understand problems, or advance ideas on possible solutions with no real barriers of strict structure..."
This regional Graham Session was held at the University of St. Augustine on April 9th, 2011. About 45 physical therapists attended.

I stood up and spoke several times on issues I felt knowledgeable about and was most often answered with wise responses that broadened my understanding of physical therapists' issues.

I don't know if I contributed much but I learned a lot.

I just wish I could blog the names of the people who said all the great stuff I heard.

To find out who said what, plan to attend the national Graham Sessions in Charleston, South Carolina in January 2012.

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