Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

California Struggle Simmers in the Summer

The California struggle between independent physical therapists and physician practices who want to own physical therapists is not over.

The California Medical Association is already working on another legislative action to regain ownership of physical therapy services.

This CMA Alert tells the story from the physicians' standpoint. The physicians are not sitting still. They are working to prevent the California physical therapy board from enforcing the Legislative Council's September 2010 opinion that physical therapists cannot be employed by medical, chiropractic or podiatric corporations.

This struggle is not over. It has only just begun. South Carolina, Washington, Illinois, California have struggled for years to free physical therapists from physician ownership and, hopefully, many other states will soon join the struggle.

The division of labor is the beginning of political differences. Its a natural evolution and it may come only through struggle, sharp elbows and harsh words. That's OK. What physical therapists need now are more practitioners to recognize that this natural process won't advance unless we all get behind and push.

The California private practices still need your help. Donate to help Stop POPTs . Sign their petition. Like them on Facebook.  Call a Senator or a Representative. Tweet.

Let's keep the California struggle simmering this summer.

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