Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

POPTs Supporter Caught Shoplifting

Ethically challenged California Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi (D - Hayward) was arrested and bailed out of jail Thursday, October 27th on charges of felony grand theft.

Here is the full story in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Disgraced California Politican Mary Hayashi Before Her Shoplifting Arrest

Mary Hayashi attracted attention of physical therapists nationwide in 2009 when she attempted to pass pro-POPTs legislation in California making employment of physical therapists legal.

Currently in California, physical therapists are NOT legally employable by physicians but an injunction by the California Medical Association, brought by Hayashi in Summer 2011, prevents this law from being enforced until 2013.

Watch her Twitter stream to see reactions from physical therapists nationwide.

Thanks to Robert M. Bacci, PT, DPT of Bacci & Glinn Physical Therapy Inc.

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