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New Treatment Based Classification Chart with Hyperlinks

These are the Treatment Based Classification rules I've been using the past couple of years. Please use this chart, including the hyperlinks. Let me know if you see any ommissions or if you recommend a rule I have not included.

RuleAuthorYearLevel of Rule Development
Cancer Rule in Lower Back Pain PatientsJoines et al2001Cost Effectiveness study
Lumbar Manipulation RuleFlynn et al2002Broad Validation
Lumbar Stabilization RuleHicks et al2005Derivation
Lumbar Traction RuleFritz et al2007Expert Consensus
Thoracic Manipulation Rule for Neck PainCleland et al2007Broad Validation by Cleland in 2010 demonstrated NO rule is needed - ALL neck pain patients without "red flags" get manipulation
Ankle Mobilization for Inversion InjuriesWhitman et al2007Derivation
Hip Manipulation Rule for Knee PainCurrier et al2007Derivation
Specific Directional Exercise for Lower Back PainBrowder et al2007Expert Consensus
Lumbopelvic Manipulation for Anterior Knee PainIverson et al2008Derivation
Cervical Traction RuleRaney et al2009Derivation
Thoracic Manipulation Rule for Shoulder PainMintken et al2010Derivation

This chart is regularly updated at www.BulletprootPT.com.

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