Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Support New York Physical Therapists' CoPayment Legislation

Physical therapists will again put CoPayment reform legislation before the New York legislature in 2012. Twice now the legislation has been put forward for consideration.

In 2011, CoPayment was advanced but not all the way to a vote in the legislature (in general, fewer than 10% of bills in ANY state each year are passed into law).

This article in the New York Daily News describes grassroots efforts to advance CoPayment in New York, once again.

Please comment.

Your comments in this newspapers' web site will influence the media perspective of physical therapist CoPayment legislation.

We want the media to know this is an important issue for patients, physical therapists and payers.

Physical therapists in New York NEED your comments!

Help the Physical Therapy Alliance of Upstate New York (PTAUNY) and the New York Physical Therapy Association push CoPayment legislation forward in the New York state legislature in 2012. 

Please comment on this newspaper story so it gets more media attention.

Thank you.

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