Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

New Book on Clinical Decision Support in Physical Therapy

The new book is finally done!

Bulletproof Expert Systems began in 2006 when myself and six other physical therapists and physical therapist assistants attempted to standardize our clinical documentation.

From those early beginnings, in a series of workbooks, clinical manuals and in-services and, finally, seminars - this book was born.

Bulletproof Expert Systems: Clinical Decision Support for Physical Therapists in the Outpatient Setting shows how physical therapist mangers and clinic owners can use existing clinical tools (such as paper-based or electronic outcome measures) to do the following:
  1. standardize documentation
  2. improve decision making
  3. improve productivity
  4. create a brief, transparent clinical record that will defy a Medicare audit
  5. improve your clinical outcomes
The publisher's web page went live January 7th, 2012 where I am providing the book at a substantial (~40%) discount from the on-line retailers.

You can buy the discounted book at the publisher's web site.

Finally, I need help selecting the final banner design - if you could just vote for one of the three finalists below I will be all set.

Thank you for your patience and the encouragement I have recieved from all my readers!

This have been an amazing educational and professional journey and its one I could not have made without you!

Thank you!

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