Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

Bulletproof Expert Systems on PT Talker with Jeff Worrell

Jeff Worrell has interviewed a cross section of the world's top physical therapists and rehabilitation experts on his podcasting website PT Talker.

And, now its my turn.

Jeff and I spoke for just over 15 minutes about my new book Bulletproof Expert Systems: Clinical Decision Support for Physical Therapists in the Outpatient Setting.

Like most good interviewers, Jeff cut through my verbosity to get to what physical therapists really care about:

  • How can you run your clinic more efficiently?
  • How can you make more money, or
  • How can you make your job easier? 
My book describes documentation systems, both paper-based and electronic, that attempt to do just that.

Specifically, I discuss how physical therapists in outpatient practices can...
  • Produce superior patient-based outcomes.
  • Generate a Medicare-compliant note quickly and without excessive narrative writing.
  • Create "prompts" that remind the therapist when a specific data point, test or note is called for.
You can order the book at a 40% discount off the retail price here.

Thanks, Jeff, for helping physical therapists do more of what we do best.

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