Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Will Your Physical Therapy Clinic Close by 2020?

Why One-Third of Hospitals Will Close By 2020, written by by David Houle and Jonathan Fleece, JD, on the KevinMD website is a thought provoking and timely for private practice physical therapists.

Jonathan Fleece is my hometown healthcare attorney in Bradenton, Florida.

His firm, Blalock Walters, has helped out the Florida Physical Therapists in Private Practice (FLPTPP) by providing Michael Magidson, Esq. to speak on Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) at our inaugural convention in August 2011 in Orlando.

Jonathan's new book, The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America should be required reading for private practice clinicians who want to remain competitive and profitable in 2020.

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