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Treatment Based Classification: Where Does it Fit In?

A recent webinar from the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HiMSS) called Improving Care with Predictive Analytics: The Next Generation of Clinical Decision Support offered this nice schematic of where decision rules fit into the "black box" that we call clinical decision making.

I've circled in red the "Rule Based" decision format used by TBC

CDS = clinical decision support, ANN = artifical neural network

Individual, idiosyncratic clinician decision making is not pictured in this schematic - just computer based.

I'm hopeful that, going forward, that these types of decision support will continue to expand to incorporate more of physical therapist practice.

I believe that handing off some of the automatic functions, such as documentation, will enable physical therapists to spend more time face-to-face with their patients.

My new book, pictured in the upper left hand corner of this page, describes the current state of Clinical Decision Support in  physical therapy and where we can go from here.

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