Rabu, 12 September 2012

Why We Have Brains

Neuroscientist Daniel Wopert suggests that human brains evolved for ONE REASON ONLY.

To control movement:


Not thinking, not reasoning, not tool-making.


Dr. Wolpert's findings may have implications for physical therapists.

If our human brain needed to evolve in order to control movement, then restoration of movement may take priority over classic, medical approaches. The medical paradigm attempts to "cure" the patient or the pathology.

For example, spinal pain patients are often told that their bulging disc is the cause of their lower back pain. They may then be told that bending, lifting or twisting their back causes further disc bulging and pain. Their typical response is to further limit their activities, especially bending, lifting and twisting.

Perhaps movement therapy should begin before the "cure" or in place of the "cure".

Watch Dr. Wolpert's video and add your comments below this post. Thanks.


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