Rabu, 19 Maret 2008

Do Physical Therapists make a Diagnosis?

Do most physical therapists make a diagnosis before they start treating a patient?

Do physical therapist assistants require a diagnosis from their physical therapist before they begin to treat a patient.

I've asked that question in the form of a poll here at this blog, Physical Therapy Diagnosis.com and we are tracking reader response to get an idea of how many therapists make diagnoses.

The question assumes that, in fact, that most physical therapists don't make a diagnosis.

Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary evidence that most physical therapists don't diagnose - I am merely speaking authoritatively.

Authoritative speech is frowned on these days in physical therapy.

Therefore, you can help me collect evidence about physical therapy diagnosis.

Please fill out the poll at the bottom of the index page of this blog as to whether you do or do not consistently diagnose every patient you see.

Also, do you make a discharge diagnosis?

Do you make a diagnosis at each re-evaluation?

If not, post your comments as to why not.

Thank you.


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