Minggu, 06 April 2008

Physical Therapy Technology

Physical Therapy Diagnosis blog uses technology such as blogs, YouTube videos, Google AdWords and AdSense and Web 2.0 in general to drive home the message that Physical Therapy Diagnosis is simple and easy.

Every Physical Therapist should perform Physical Therapy Diagnosis using skills learned in our entry-level program (BS, MS or DPT).

One physical therapist, Mark Schwall, uses technology in general to improve our lives and our businesses at his website at Tech4PT.com .

In Mark's words...

"TECH4PT.com is dedicated to informing and educating Physical Therapists and anybody else with an interest in utilization of technology to improve their personal lives, business productivity and the visibility of their practices through leveraging the power of availability of technology and the Internet ."

Technology is not usually found in physical therapy education curricula. Technology is also usually not in the skill set of the physical therapist - just look at the low acceptance of 'paperless' or electronic medical records in small outpatient physical therapist offices.

I congratulate Mark on his new website.

I also challenge Mark to find meaningful and useful ways to help physical therapists improve our patients lives through the power and the wonder of technology.

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