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Sahrmann wrote the book on diagnosis

Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement System Impairments by Shirley Sahrmann, PhD, PT, FAPTA came out in 2002 and I bought the book, I read the book and I changed how I practiced because of the book.

Now, in 2008, I am slowly re-reading the book.

I am going out of order, chapter by chapter. I read chapter 4 (the hip) first and now I'm back to the Introduction.

Tonight, I've come across a passage that, even though I don't remember hi-lighting in 2002, tremendously changed my life.

If you'll permit, I'll share it with you now...

"A standardized examination format is used to identify the Directional Susceptibility to Movement (DSM) and the factors that contribute to the presence of a dysfunction" (p.4)

When I took her physical therapy continuing education course in 2003 I saw her use her standardized examination format.

Dr. Sahrmann's tests are easy to learn, reproducible and reliable.

My only concern with her approach is that she assesses pain.

Dr. Sahrmann states the following:

"The (Movement Impairment) syndromes are named for the alignment, stress or movement direction that most consistently produces pain." (p. 74)

I wonder if physical therapy can move forward if we continue to assess pain?

Dr. Sahrmann influenced my career because I went on to develop a standardized assessment system that uses repetitive, corrective exercises to influence and improve 'regional musculoskeletal disorders'.

I've detailed the standardized approach at .

Nevertheless, Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement System Impairments by Shirley Sahrmann brought me a watershed moment in my career and my professional growth.

I encourage every physical therapist and physical therapist assistant to buy and read a copy of Dr. Sahrmann's book.

Take her course and watch her diagnose her patient right in front of you.

Nothing will give you greater confidence in pursuing physical therapy diagnosis than watching the one who wrote the book.

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