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Diagnosis Definition

Physical Therapy Diagnosis blog describes my evolution as a physical therapist clinic owner and how I developed a Medicare compliance program based on clinical excellence and simple measurements.

Other physical therapists have done work on physical therapy diagnosis , some of which I'm able to share with you here.

Diagnosis Definition
by Lisa Giallonardo

"A diagnosis is a label based on a cluster of signs and symptoms after the collection, organization, and interpretation of information reached through the evaluation process. For the physical therapist, these are generally movement-related impairments or functional limitations. Sometimes, as in the case of the patient with the ankle sprain, the diagnosis is at the pathology level."
Lisa's definition comes from the book Techniques in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation by William Prentice and Michael Voight.

Most physical therapists (and physical therapist assistants) graduating today are comfortable with the notion of physical therapy diagnosis.

What about the 'old school' physical therapists? I graduated in 1992 from the University of Florida. I was never taught physical therapy diagnosis. I never learned about the disablement model in PT school.

What about you?

Where do you fall on this issue?

Vote in the poll below. Let us know how you feel. What do you think?

Comment on this blog if you feel strongly - either way, on physical therapy diagnosis.

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