Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Physical Therapist Joins Committee to Advise Medicare Contractor

My local Part B Medicare contractor is asking for help with its provider education strategies and efforts so, on June 10th, 2010 I made the early-morning drive down Interstate 4 to Orlando, Florida to meet about 20 like-minded health care providers for a two-hour question & answer session.

Our mandate is to...

  • Reviewing new and existing Medicare education programs
  • Recommending changes to these programs
  • Alerting FCSO to problems or concerns affecting providers
  • Networking with other professionals interested in Medicare
  • Disseminating information from the POE-AG to the organizations each member represents.
Our meeting agenda covered these topics:
  • Enrollment
  • Site surveys, PECOS
  • Original signatures vs. electronic signatures
  • HIPPA 5010
  • ICD-10
  • The new FCSO website
  • CERT/RAC audits
  • Issues with E/M coding
For those providers interested in joining and contributing your expertise please contact FCSO here.

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