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Stark Loophole not the only bright light in the new MedPAC report

The new MedPAC Report to the Congress: Aligning Incentives in Medicare is gaining attention amongst physical therapists primarily for its recommendation to close the "Stark Loophole" but also should be credited for emphasizing the collection of clinical data as a condition of payment.

MedPAC Report to Congress
MedPAC suggested in its recent report that the US Congress remove outpatient therapy from its list of services qualifying for the "in-office ancillary services exception" because physicians are not using the exception for its intended purpose and because costs are climbing too quickly.

MedPAC also suggested collecting clinical data as a condition of payment, called Coverage with Evidence Development (CED).

I propose Medicare could deliver better OUTCOMES, save more MONEY and get better VALUE for beneficiaries and taxpayers if collection of clinical data is in place of burdensome, centrally-mandated process measures that waste time, generate excess paperwork and distract highly-paid and well-educated physical therapists from face-to-face interactions with their patients.

Asking physical therapists to examine, evaluate and record patient data is 100% in line with the Guide to Physical Therapist patient management model.

Coverage with Evidence Development could be a positive force leading to a change in physical therapist culture: a shift to a culture of measurement.

If CED were in place of arbitrary process measures as a condition of payment then we could reduce Medicare audits by accountants and lawyers.

However, if CED is just one more centrally-mandated and administrated process measure then we'll all just be working harder.

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