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Pathology Screening by Physical Therapists

Here are the clinical prediction rules I routinely use in the clinic.

They are included as a separate chapter in my new book Bulletproof Expert Systems: Clinical Decision Support for Physical Therapists in the Outpatient Setting available by AuthorHouse publishers.

Please let me know if you see any omissions. Do you use any rules that I have not included here?

A separate table of decision rules used to to predict treatment, called Treatment Based Classification, was published December 28th, 2012.

RuleAuthorYearLevel of Rule Development
Presence of Community Acquired PneumoniaHeckerling et al1990Level 1 Impact Analysis
Ottawa Ankle and Foot RulesStiell et al1992Level 1 Impact Analysis
Well's Criteria for Deep Vein ThrombosisWell's et al1995Level 1 Impact Analysis
Ottawa Knee RuleStiell et al1996Level 1 Impact Analysis
Canadian Cervical Spine Rule for Alert and Stable Trauma PatientsStiell et al2001Level 1 Impact Analysis
Cancer Rule in Lower Back Pain PatientsJoines et al2001Cost Effectiveness study
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeWainner et al2005Derivation
Elbow Fracture in Trauma or Sports patientsAppelboam et al2008Level 2 Narrow Validation
Screening for Vertebral Fractures in Patients with Lower Back PainHenschke et al2009Derivation
Stroke in Dizzy PatientsKattah et al2011Derivation

The "take away" I get from this table is that the low-hanging fruit has already been picked.

There doesn't seen to be an new impact study in screening for pathology using clinical decision rules in the last decade.

Do we know if clinical decision rules actually influence clinician behavior, improve patient outcomes or lower costs?

Let me know.

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