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Why Outpatient Physical Therapy Will Survive and Thrive

This bears repeating...

The following is a response to a comment thread on Peter Kovacek's PTManager.com . You need a username and password to access Peter's site (which I highly recommend - its no cost and there's a TON of great information).
The author is Larry Benz, DPT of EvidenceinMotion.com who I also recommend. Larry's site not only provides you with information but Larry (and others on his site) can distill that information into a vision that can lead physical therpists towards the future.

Here's why outpatient physical therapy is still a good bet, going forward...
  • ...I would put the responsibility of "survival" on the backs of our own rather than externalities.
  • Yes, we can thrive provided we resist the natural urge to become a rule-driven profession that is guided by prescription rather than permission.
    • One that is dedicated to being collaborative rather than subordinate.
    • One that is dedicated to research rather than self-policing.
    • One that seeks legislative changes rather than be victim of political inactivity.
    • One that puts the physical therapist back into physical therapy.
    • One where the physical therapist is the force multiplier in musculoskeletal medicine.
  • ...Outpatient PT will be fine.
Although Larry nailed the essence of what physical therapists in private practice need to thrive I'll just add my two cents...
  • Let's not ask what the "government" or the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) can do FOR us. They have their role but its not to protect private practice from market forces.
  • Let's not trust in physician referrals to be the source of our livelihoods and our revenue.
  • Let's go straight to the patient when we ask "How can I help you today?"

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